Due to the coronavirus and political unrest, there is much uncertainty surrounding pro-life marches this year, which typically take place all over the country each January.

Some events are continuing as usual, while others have been converted into online events. If you're not sure about the march nearest to you, find out here.

For this reason, we have been slow to release details about Orthodox participation in the two largest events, the March for Life in DC and the Walk for Life in San Francisco.

At this time, the Walk for Life is still planned to go on without its usual permitted rally, as a much smaller, modified first amendment activity; however, there will be no Orthodox meetup and sanctity of life prayer service. Unfortunately, the March for Life announced on Jan. 15th that, for the first time since the event began in 1974, the march is being cancelled and the event's rally will become an online event.

We look forward to seeing you on the East Coast or West Coast in person next year! In in the meantime, the Orthodox Church in America is hosting a virtual Orthodox March for Life event on Thursday, Jan. 28. OCLife will be a part of the event and it will be excellent - please RSVP and plan to participate!

If you are elderly, have pre-existing health conditions, or have any other concerns related to gathering at a pro-life march this year, please stay home. And if for any reason you are unable to attend a pro-life gathering this January, don't worry. Marching is an important way to bring awareness to our cause and encourage each other, but marching is not the most important thing we do as pro-life advocates.

Marching does not directly change minds, save lives, or assist pregnant women at-risk for abortion -- and those are more important. So if you can't march in 2021, do one of these things instead!

    • Have an amicable conversation with someone who disagrees with you about abortion, listening to their concerns and looking for common ground.
    • On Jan. 22nd or sometime this month, pray outside of an abortion center, at home, or at your parish for an end to abortion and God's mercy on those who are tempted by abortion.
    • Contact your local Pregnancy Resource Center to ask what kind of help they need, especially during these difficult economic times when nonprofits are struggling.

And finally, if you would typically attend the March for Life or Walk for Life but can't this year, please consider donating the cost of your travel expenses to Orthodox Christians for Life (or your favorite pro-life organization) instead!